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August 26, 2002

Looking beyond Patent Expiry
The problem of patent protection loss and associated revenue loss will continue to trouble major companies, with estimated revenue losses of US$2.2 billion in 2004 from patent expiries on 18 drugs, increasing to an estimated US$5.3 billion in 2005.



August 24, 2002

Modified pigs are transplant ‘breakthrough’

A new breed of genetically engineered pigs with organs far less likely to be rejected by people has been created in the US.
The surfaces of the cloned pigs’ cells lack a key sugar, which triggers the violent hyperacute rejection response. This normally reduces transplanted organs to pulp within hours.



August 23, 2002

Send in the Clones
Will a relaxed attitude to regulation make Singapore the stem-cell-research capital of the world?



August 21, 2002

New breed of VCs banking on biotech
As the era of rock-star venture capitalists investing in Internet start-ups appears to be ending, another era is dawning — one of VCs flocking into biotech and health care.



August 19, 2002

Biology Seeks a Few Good Geeks
The declaration is perhaps not as stirring as Uncle Sam calling patriotic men into the army in World War I, but Vicky Markstein is just as determined in her pursuit and convinced of its importance to the nation and the welfare of humanity.



August 19, 2002

Biotechs on edge as money evaporates
Seattle’s biotech industry is working on some of the most complicated medical science in the world, but it relies on a simple mantra its executives know by heart: “Cash is king.”



August 19, 2002

Making a Run for the Border—For Canadian Prescription Drugs
Picture a tour bus filled with American seniors heading for a visit north of the border, to Canada. Instead of paying a visit to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, they are off to purchase Canadian prescription drugs. As strange as this sight may seem, this is part of one of the latest trends in pharmaceutical marketing: online cross-border pharmacies.