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April 29, 2004

Full Steam Ahead 04/22/2004
“All told, biotech and specialty pharmas raised close to $6.4 billion in the first three months of 2004 ? nearly four times the amount these firms raised in the first quarter of 2003. “



April 27, 2004

Money-Back Guarantee On Rx Drugs
“Too many people with high blood pressure quit medication because they don’t feel bad – even though the disease is silently attacking arteries and organs. Now a drug giant is offering an extra incentive to stick with it: a money-back guarantee. “



April 26, 2004

Can the world afford to reject GM foods?
“At a meeting in Brussels this week Dr Clive James, chair of the international service for the acquisition of agri-biotech applications (ISAAA) and a leading proponent of agricultural biotechnology for the developing world, said that global food production will need to be doubled by 2050 to meet the needs of a predicted world population of nine billion people. Biotech crops could make up the shortfall.”



April 19, 2004

Are biotech jobs next to go?
There are signs that the nation’s biotech industry may be on the verge of an offshoring wave of its own, awakened to an international climate where firms can get qualified workers for as little as a tenth of the U.S. cost.



April 15, 2004

Financial Snapshot For March 2004: Looking Good 04/14/2004



April 14, 2004

Drug Company Accused of Bribing Doctors
“Eleven current or former sales executives from TAP Pharmaceutical Products are going on trial, accused of paying kickbacks to doctors and hospitals to get them to buy the company’s medications.”



April 9, 2004

Has Obesity Met Its Match?
“The French pharma Sanofi is getting positive results so far with a drug that suppresses appetite. And it may have cardiac benefits, too “